Bradner Cold Storage

Logo design, business cards, website design

I recently completed a project for Bradner Cold Storage, a new cold storage company located in the community of Bradner, part of the city of Abbotsford, British Columbia. The first thing they needed was a clean, modern logo to represent them, one that reflected their priorities of efficiency and high-technology. After batting around a few ideas, we settled on the following:

Logo Design for Bradner Cold Storage

One of the challenges in this project was to stay away from cliches. There are a lot of obvious images that come to mind when you think of a cold storage facility, and when I looked at some of the competitor’s logo designs, I noticed a lot of those cliches had made their way into them. For that reason, my first ideas tended to be quite abstract. One of my favourites from the brain-storming process was this one:

Alternate logo design for Brander Cold Storage

The cool blue colour is enough to make it a cold storage logo and the squares suggest both neatly racked product (with a space to be filled) and vaguely suggest a lower-case “b”.

The client felt the logo was a little too corporate. When I went back and had a look at the other logos and branding in the industry, I agreed that it was a little too different from the competition. One of the challenges in developing branding and identity is finding a look that distinguishes you from the competition, but still places you in the industry.

The logo design we finally settled on has a bit of the advantages of both approaches. While it undeniably makes use of a well-worn image (a snow-flake), it abstracts it enough to make it interesting and unique.

I designed some business cards using the new logo, and put together a simple website that, in addition to providing basic information on their services and location, provides a portal for their clients to their online inventory system as well as gives new and prospective clients a detailed form to submit a quote request.

Web design for Bradner Cold Storage

Business Card Design for Bradner Cold Storage

The website is built on the WordPress platform, allowing plenty of opportunity for expansion as the business grows.